‘Higher Ground’ makes it to semi-finalist from among 7K entries


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Higher Ground – Short Film 2020 & 2021

The short film ‘Higher Ground’ explores the changing connections between land, farming and community.

It features two hill farmers, who discuss the farming practices they grew up with. They share the challenges but also deep connections created by the traditional system, which was heavily reliant on manual labour and the changes they have seen over time.

The film also touches on experiences of oppression and survival in the early 1900s.


With thanks to Tommy Ryan and Martin Shannon who generously offered their time and shared their knowledge with us.

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‘I’d Prefer the Mountains’ 2018/2019

A short documentary on rural culture, the connections of community and the spirit of place.

I’d Prefer the Mountains was premiered at Carlow Arts Festival 2018.

Screened at Clare Island Film Festival 2018

Screened at The Richard Harris International Film Festival 2018

Was short listed for Best Short Fest 2019

Screened at Oaxaca Fim Festival, Mexico 2019.

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Súil ó Thuaidh 2018

The documentary was produced as part of Súil ó Thuaidh, an initiative offered through Northern Ireland Screen’s Irish Language Broadcast Fund, Red Shoe Productions, TG4 and Belfast City Council. Súil ó Thuaidh Northern Ireland Screen: ‘Watch this fantastic Irish Language documentary by filmmaker Nuala Dalton about the arts and traditional music scene in Belfast.

Nuala’s documentary was one of two short films selected for the initiative.


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      Film Festival Screenings of Higher Ground

      - Craic Fest Film Festival New York, March 2021

      - Jim Sheridan Short Film Competition,
      Dublin Arabic Film Festival 2021

      - Mexico, 2021
      (festival selections public in March)

      - Indie Shorts Awards
      Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2020

      - Rome Independent Prisma Awards,
      Rome, Italy, 2020

      - Underground Cinema Short Film Awards
      Ireland, 2020

      - Offline Film Festival,
      Ireland, 2020

      - Still Voices Short Film Festival,
      Ireland, 2020.

      - West Side Documentary Festival,
      Epirus, Greece, 2020.

      - further festival dates tbc

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