‘The Music’


Tracks samples can be heard on itunes (+ see videos below)- here’s a little bit about some of the tracks:

  • Get Go - ‘Wake yourself up and Get Go. Break yourself out of the mould’  A song about resisting compromise, not following the pack..
  • Shape -and now we know for sure at last, no act of love is ever lost’   .. contemplating the way society becomes petrified into particular forms,  shapes, like the banking system, industries, forms of government, and how these forms though they appear so powerful are not immune to change or decline, and how all change begins with a dream
  • Singing Bird – ”what good are good thoughts if they don’t free you, what good is a singing bird if it just ignores you..’ Written after watching a French film called ‘Comme une image’ by the  female director Agnes Jaoui.
  • Breaking the Spell – Title track of the album –  looks at the injustices of history in the western world, and how it seems to be like a spell binding us, the song is about wanting to break that spell, wanting to open a new regard and respect for nature, for womanhood, for childhood, for that which is real, for the gentle and the small..
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      Breaking the Spell..


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      'heartfelt..contemplative..strident..spiky..groovy.' The Crack Magazine

      '..should prove a big hit with both the indie/student crowd and those mature fans who like their music challenging, pointed and emotional'. The Musician (musicians union magazine).

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