Higher Ground – Short Film 2020

The short film ‘Higher Ground’ explores the changing connections between land, farming and community.

It features two hill farmers, who discuss the farming practices they grew up with – the challenges but also deep connections created by the traditional system, which was heavily reliant on manual labour.

It also touches on experiences of oppression and survival in the early 1900s.

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      Higher Ground Short Film

      A Short Film on our connection to the land.


      West Side Documentary Festival,
      Epirus, Greece, 2020.

      Still Voices Short Film Festival,
      Ireland, 2020.

      Offline Film Festival,
      Ireland, 2020

      Underground Cinema Short Film Awards
      Ireland, 2020

      Rome Independent Prisma Awards,
      Rome, Italy, 2020

      Indie Shorts Awards
      Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2020

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