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(Demo review) ’..Nuala Dalton, who has a voice that can be unbelievably angelic one second and then tinged with a hint of serial-killer seriousness the next.  This weary acoustic folk makes us dream of rolling down hills with beautiful girls fishing for sticklebacks using twigs and bits  of string while world peace breaks out like a rash across the globe.  If only life was as beautiful as this wonderful warbling. ‘

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      Higher Ground Short Film

      A Short Film on our connection to the land.


      West Side Documentary Festival,
      Epirus, Greece, 2020.

      Still Voices Short Film Festival,
      Ireland, 2020.

      Offline Film Festival,
      Ireland, 2020

      Underground Cinema Short Film Awards
      Ireland, 2020

      Rome Independent Prisma Awards,
      Rome, Italy, 2020

      Indie Shorts Awards
      Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2020

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